Monday, 24 October 2011

Well here goes nothing!

Here we go, my very first blog. I have spent hours and hours lately reading other arty farty blogs and decided that i want to join in by sharing all my bits and pieces that i rescue and do up. Needed somewhere to share my love of art and craft and many many many hobbies with like minded people.

The head of my other half, Josh, is continuously in "shaking back and forth" mode as I show him the treasures (junk) that i'm always dragging home behind me to add to the ever growing pile of goodness that is occupying the lean-to on the back of our shed (nicely out of site I must say so he can't complain!) If only they had hard rubbish collection here in good old Shepparton I would be in heaven (and probably single!)

Hopefully i can work this all out and do justice to all the other fantastic crafty blogs out there.


With Leela, one of my two babies :D

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